Working as a Director and Business Consultant under my company Libra Rising Limited,

    with businesses introducing innovative concepts or technology in either of the following sectors:

    Digital media & entertainment

    Music, Film, TV, Publishing

    I believe in harnessing new business opportunities brought by technology and emerging trends or markets to support the content and entertainment industries.

    As a multilingual and multi-local networker, negotiator, deal-maker, relationships manager with expertise in driving revenues or costs savings, I can help you grow and develop your presence through: consultative sales, licensing, distribution, account management, product launches, strategic partnerships, fundraising, procurement, digital monetization and advertising funded initiatives.

    Well being

    Body and mind, lifestyle, nutrition and health

    Today's accelerating pace and increasing expectations leave us with no other option but to look after ourselves. Feeling good, having a healthy lifestyle, sleeping well and being pampered has become the necessary foundation to help us be the best people we can be. At home, at work, or in the world.

    I can provide business development and marketing support for original meditation and rejuvenation events . I am also developing new spa and sleep improvement concepts which will be unique and affordable.

    Progressive hospitality, experiences and travel

    Memorable and exciting experiences

    When it comes to booking a hotel or a resort, eating at a restaurant, having drinks in a local bar, we tend to play it safe and stick with what we know. Yet unique places and novel experiences are all around us or in the making somewhere near. I am looking to work with innovators in the experiential and hospitality space to develop concepts and connect with the relevant audiences around the world.

  • Current and past projects

    developing new concepts and helping businesses develop new markets under Libra Rising limited

    WeSleep - solutions for better sleep

    Sleep Events & Retreats

    Alternative support for people with sleep problems


    Sleep more. Live more.


    Our mission at WeSleep is to help those who struggle to sleep. By giving guidance and practical opportunities to experience a full range of solutions and remedies. So you can live your full potential when awake.


    We believe that each of us should be in charge of finding the best solutions for ourselves through education and experimentation, as not one size fits all.


    We facilitate the creation of
    personalized sleep plans through learning and trials of a wide range of options, in an environment which is
    open-minded and safe.

    We also encourage you to be part of a growing community of Sleepers who share and support each other on this new journey towards peaceful and regenerating sleep.

    Our WeSleep events are on going - go to www.WeSleep.co.uk for more information


    Experts in video content for kids

    YouTube content creation and channel management


    WildBrain is a subsidiary of DHX Media, WildBrain manage video content for 100+ channels and 350+ well known children’s brands, generating 800m YouTube views a month.

    I have worked with brands to create original content & video marketing campaigns across our video network.


    Branded Content Partners: Mattel, Vtech, Vivid, Star Monsters, Golden Bear, Arena Azure, Generation Media


    Start-to-finish solutions, growing audiences around sticky YouTube channels, overseeing rights management and delivering insightful analytics.


    Specifically designed for consumer brands appealing to children and their parents, such as toy manufacturers, toy retailers and children focused consumer products.





    The best DJ Mixes, podcasts & shows

    17 million music lovers, influencers and curators


    Mixcloud is a super exciting and successful digital music service, I am helping them with brand partnerships to secure high-engagement content marketing opportunities.


    Fans and professionals not only listen to channels but can also upload their own content and create their own music channels.


    Partnerships packages are affordable and quick to turn-around (e.g. branded channels, branded DJ mixes, branded competitions, native promotions, high impact display)


    We can share excellent digital content marketing case studies to talk to you about, i.e. Red Bull, Adidas, Malibu, Mazda, Sweaty Betty.

    Do reach out if interested !

    Career background on Linkedin

    International career in media & digital entertainment.


    The continuous thread linking all of my most recent roles has always been to harness new business opportunities brought by innovation, technology, emerging trends or markets to support the content industry, whether at Warner Music Group, Paramount Pictures, RealNetworks, Disney ABC Television and Box+ ,


    I am an experienced, forward-thinking and authentic business executive with an international career in media & digital entertainment (Music, Film, TV).


    Currently consulting for start ups under my company Libra Rising Limited, I am also open to interim contracts or full-time employment opportunities with progressive businesses, established or start-ups. My work ethics are strong, I want to make things happen within a dynamic, vibrant, supportive and brilliant team willing to break new grounds.


    Click here for a complete curriculum


    On a mission to help your business change the world in a positive way

    julie "all" wright

    Known for:

    • Helping bring to life a range of innovative digital media and entertainment products and technology

    • Closing significant commercial content deals and cost-saving procurement deals.
    • Conceiving and executing creative audience development campaigns

    My values and forte

    • A driven internationalist who can be trusted to get almost anything done.
    • A determined deal negotiator with healthy business ethics
    • Can spot the useful innovation and trends which can fundamentally change the world, and the way content and entertainment is experienced.
    • A lifelong learner who believes in quality, authenticity, and in generous relationships


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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