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Improve your sleep naturally with WeSleep worshops

WeSleep South - March 25, 2017

· Sleep,London,Well being

Forget prescription meds... try natural alternatives.

Learn how to improve your sleep from renowned speakers & expert therapists in Abbeville village only 5 minutes walk from Clapham South tube station.

Saturday March 25th, 2016

- Hypnotic Repatterning : Kata Armitage
- Aromatherapist & infant massage : Marie Lardy
- Reflexology and Reiki : Emma Tubmen

Where? Make Me Feel, 25 Abbeville road, London SW4 9LA
(Closest tube: Clapham South )

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> Kata Armitage (Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hypnotic techniques) will give us an "Introduction to Hypnotic Repatterning". Kata will explain and demonstrate this wonderful meditative and visualisation technique which helps clear negative energy, thoughts and worries out of our brains and bodies.

> Marie Lardy (Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner and Infant Massage therapist) will explain how herbs and essential oils can promote relaxation and deep sleep. After a theoretical talk on the subject, you will be invited to smell and test several essential oils and herbs and feel the immediate effects.

> Emma Tubmen (Certified Reflexologist, Massage Therapist & cranio-sacral therapist) will introduce us to Reflexology, and explain how it allows her to work on internal physical problem areas, such as kidney or hormonal problems. She will also talk about how cranio-sacral therapy to leave you feeling a deep sense of peace. A couple of lucky attendees will experience her techniques when demonstrated.

> Doctor Marine Vincent is the founder of 'Make Me Feel Parapharmacie' where the event will take place. She is a French Doctor in Pharmacy and a healthcare professional. Marine will be co-hosting the event with Julie Wright and will be available to answer any questions you have regarding your sleep issues.

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