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Prioritise a good night's sleep - WeSleep workshop in March

WeSleep East & City - March 21st, 2017

· Sleep,Well being,London

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Join us and learn how to improve your sleep naturally with renowned guest speakers and expert therapists in a soothing urban venue - only 5 minutes away from Bank and Canary Wharf

Tuesday March 21st, 2016

Sleep Consultant & Fatigue Specialist (PhD, MSc): Katharina Lederle
Hypnotic Repatterning: Kata Armitage
Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping): Helen Johnson

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Yurt Café @ Royal Foundation of St Katharine
2 Butcher Row, London, E14 8DS [Entrances via Ratcliffe Lane (across the street from Limehouse DLR station) or Butcher Row (from Cable Street)]

> Katharina Lederle (Sleep Consultant, MSc Biology and PhD in Human Sleep Physiology) will talk to us about the "Science and Biology of Sleep", and explain how we fall asleep, how our bodies work when it comes to sleep, why we struggle to sleep physiologically speaking. 

> Helen Johnson (Trained and certified Practitioner in EFT, NLP, hypnosis and PhD in socio-psychological change) will introduce us to Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as 'Tapping'. She will explain and demonstrate this popular technique and its amazing benefits which help manage deep seeded emotional and energy issues. 

> Kata Armitage (Certified Practitioner in Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Hypnotic techniques) will give us an "Introduction to Hypnotic Repatterning". Kata will explain and demonstrate this wonderful meditative and visualisation technique which helps clear negative energy, thoughts and worries out of our brains and text here.


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